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Origin of impunity

1525–35; < Latin impūnitās, equivalent to im- im-2 + pūnitās punishment (pūn- (stem of punīre to punish) + -itās -ity); see punitive
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noun plural -ties
  1. exemption or immunity from punishment or recrimination
  2. exemption or immunity from unpleasant consequencesa successful career marked by impunity from early mistakes
  3. with impunity
    1. with no unpleasant consequences
    2. with no care or heed for such consequences

Word Origin for impunity

C16: from Latin impūnitās freedom from punishment, from impūnis unpunished, from im- (not) + poena punishment
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Word Origin and History for impunity

1530s, from Middle French impunité (14c.) and directly from Latin impunitatem (nominative impunitas) "freedom from punishment, omission of punishment," also "rashness, inconsideration," from impunis "unpunished, without punishment," from assimilated form of in- "not, opposite of" (see in- (1)) + poena "punishment" (see penal).

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