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[ in-fuhn-see ]


, plural in·fan·cies.
  1. the state or period of being an infant; very early childhood, usually the period before being able to walk; babyhood.
  2. the corresponding period in the existence of anything; very early stage:

    Space science is in its infancy.

  3. infants collectively.
  4. Law. the period of life to the age of majority, 21 years at common law but now usually 18; minority; nonage.


/ ˈɪnfənsɪ /


  1. the state or period of being an infant; childhood
  2. an early stage of growth or development
  3. infants collectively
  4. the period of life prior to attaining legal majority (reached at 21 under common law, at 18 by statute); minority nonage

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Word History and Origins

Origin of infancy1

From the Latin word infantia, dating back to 1485–95. See infant, -cy

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Example Sentences

It’s easy to take for granted now that very few babies in rich countries die of disease in infancy, that most infectious diseases are treatable, and that there are vaccines available when we need them.

From Vox

In the large-scale structure of the universe, theorists see signs of an explosive growth spurt during the cosmos’s infancy.

At first, when online ordering was in its infancy, these services were a boon.

From Eater

Lab-grown meat is still in its infancy, and lab-grown plant material is even more nascent.

It is like watching someone rapidly rewind into infancy, decades of experience and knowledge eroding over the course of a final 10 years or so.

From Ozy

There was no YouTube or social media; the Internet was in its infancy.

The nuclear metamorphosized giant monster genre was in its infancy when Godzilla was first born.

As for social mobility, Tocqueville wrote at a time when American industry was in its infancy.

I was a young reporter in the city and covered this controversy in its infancy.

However, Kuniak is hopeful for the future, stating this type of therapy is still “in its infancy.”

By its operation Gordon Wright, the most sensible man of our acquaintance, is reduced to the level of infancy!

The period of infancy is fixed by law, and is therefore a conventional, yet needful regulation.

In most states infancy ends at the age of twenty-one, though some states fix a younger period, eighteen for women.

From our earliest infancy he inspired us, not so much with love as with respect and adoration.

If nothing is done during infancy inaction operates generally as an affirmation.


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