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[ in-fuhn-tahyl, -til ]


  1. characteristic of or befitting an infant; babyish; childish:

    infantile behavior.

    Synonyms: weak, immature, puerile

    Antonyms: mature, adult

  2. of or relating to infants or infancy:

    infantile diseases.

  3. Physical Geography. youthful ( def 5 ).


/ ˈɪnfənˌtaɪl; ˌɪnfənˈtɪlɪtɪ /


  1. like a child in action or behaviour; childishly immature; puerile
  2. of, relating to, or characteristic of infants or infancy
  3. in an early stage of development

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Derived Forms

  • infantility, noun

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Other Words From

  • in·fan·til·i·ty [in-f, uh, n-, til, -i-tee], noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of infantile1

From the Latin word infantīlis, dating back to 1690–1700. See infant, -ile

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Example Sentences

In fact, most people can’t remember events from the first few years of their lives—a phenomenon researchers have dubbed infantile amnesia.

I think it’s partly because the audience for a lot of that stuff is kids – and the culture in general is a bit infantile in this era.

The idea that we can enjoy the benefits of society while owing nothing in return is literally infantile.

The United States got an F — and soon 550,000 dead — because the ignorant or infantile among us, wanting what they wanted when they wanted it, defeated the nation’s adults.

The seeds of future nightmares may be planted early in life, during what’s known as the “infantile amnesia” period, which lasts from birth to about age three and a half, and is a time of life during which virtually no enduring memories are formed.

From Time

At one point, Valle offered an apology to anybody who had been “hurt, shocked or offended by my infantile actions.”

It was sweet and funny and self-deprecating, nothing like the infantile behavior she had just displayed.

It's how we project our own catastrophe of infantile adulthood.

He led her by the hand, and confided to her infantile spirit all his thoughts, his illusions, his day-dreams.

The Scherzo is neither good nor bad; the trio is so innocent that it would be almost too infantile for a Sniegourotchka.

He listened and heard soft breathing that stopped just short of being an infantile snore.

She was apparently about six years of age, and the picture of infantile innocence and loveliness.

In respect of one symptom or several, many individuals may remain throughout life in an infantile condition.


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