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[ in-ter-vyoo-er ]


  1. a person who interviews.
  2. a peephole in an entrance door.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of interviewer1

First recorded in 1865–70; interview + -er 1

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Example Sentences

If the interviewer is turned off by that, that’s a huge flag for me.

Leachman told interviewers that the show’s powers-that-be had to remind her that the star of the show was Lassie, not her.

It depends on the interviewer, their priorities and mood, as well as on my competition.

In fact, what self-respecting New Yorker is going to tell an interviewer how satisfied they are with their life.

Gary Althoff, Veresen’s CEO, told an interviewer that Cohn had given him a commitment to work together.

West chose wisely when he made Christa Buschendorf his interviewer.

I still think of America,” she once told an interviewer, “as a colony of Europe.

When Diana told a television interviewer that “there are three people in this marriage” her pain was obvious.

One where there was little room for subjectivity, where the personal impression of the interviewer counted less.

Mitchum sags against a couch, stares at the lights and waits for the Interviewer—the sixth of the day—to show up.

I hoped I wasn't as inaccurate in my estimates of people as was my interviewer.

"I think I can find out," said the Interviewer, whose professional ambition was beginning to be excited.

As the Interviewer ran his eye over them, he found that he could make very little out of what their backs taught him.

The Interviewer had sense and tact enough not to offer him an orange, and so shift the balance of obligation.

The Interviewer had attempted the riddle of the Sphinx, and had failed to get the first hint of its solution.


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