[ in-truh-vur-zhuhn, -shuhn, in-truh-vur- ]
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  1. the act of introverting or the state of being introverted; a turning inward: intestinal introversion that will require surgery.

  2. the tendency or quality of being introverted: intellectual introversion characterizing the post-Reformation period.

  1. a disposition that is taxed by social engagement and energized by calm environments, resulting in the tendency to prefer quiet solitude.

  2. Psychology.

    • the act of directing one's interest inward or to things within the self.

    • the state of being concerned primarily with one's own thoughts and feelings rather than with the external environment.: Compare extroversion (def. 2).

Origin of introversion

First recorded in 1645–55 and in 1910–15 for def. 4; from New Latin intrōversiōn- (stem of intrōversiō ); see intro-, version

Other words from introversion

  • in·tro·ver·sive [in-truh-vur-siv], /ˌɪn trəˈvɜr sɪv/, in·tro·ver·tive [in-truh-vur-tiv], /ˌɪn trəˈvɜr tɪv/, adjective
  • non·in·tro·ver·sive, adjective
  • non·in·tro·ver·sive·ly, adverb
  • non·in·tro·ver·sive·ness, noun
  • un·in·tro·ver·sive, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for introversion


/ (ˌɪntrəˈvɜːʃən) /

  1. psychol the directing of interest inwards towards one's own thoughts and feelings rather than towards the external world or making social contacts

  2. pathol the turning inside out of a hollow organ or part

Derived forms of introversion

  • introversive or introvertive, adjective

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