[ ih-reg-yuh-ler ]
/ ɪˈrɛg yə lər /
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Origin of irregular

First recorded in 1350–1400; from Late Latin irrēgulāris (see ir-2, regular); replacing Middle English irreguler, from Middle French

synonym study for irregular

4. Irregular, abnormal, exceptional imply a deviation from the regular, the normal, the ordinary, or the usual. Irregular, not according to rule, refers to any deviation, as in form, arrangement, action, and the like; it may imply such deviation as a mere fact, or as regrettable, or even censurable. Abnormal means a deviation from the common rule, often implying that this results in an aberrant or regrettably strange form or nature of a thing: abnormal lack of emotion; A two-headed calf is abnormal. Exceptional means out of the ordinary or unusual; it may refer merely to the rarity of occurrence, or to the superiority of quality: an exceptional case; an exceptional mind. Because of the stigma of abnormal, exceptional is today frequently substituted for it in contexts where such a euphemism may be thought to be appropriate: a school for exceptional children (children who are abnormal in behavior, mental capacity, or the like).


ir·reg·u·lar·ly, adverbqua·si-ir·reg·u·lar, adjectivequa·si-ir·reg·u·lar·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for irregular

/ (ɪˈrɛɡjʊlə) /



a soldier not in a regular army
(often plural) US imperfect or flawed merchandiseCompare second 1 (def. 15)

Derived forms of irregular

irregularly, adverb
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Medical definitions for irregular

[ ĭ-rĕgyə-lər ]


Not straight, uniform, or symmetrical, as facial features.
Of uneven rate, occurrence, or duration, as a heartbeat.
Deviating from a type; atypical.
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