[ it-uh-rey-shuhn ]
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  1. the act of repeating; a repetition.

  2. Mathematics.

    • Also called successive approximation . a problem-solving or computational method in which a succession of approximations, each building on the one preceding, is used to achieve a desired degree of accuracy.

    • an instance of the use of this method.

  1. Digital Technology.

    • a repetition of a statement or statements in a computer program.

    • a different version of an existing data set, software program, hardware device, etc.: A new iteration of the data will be released next month.

  2. a different form or version of something: He designed the previous iteration of our logo.

  3. a development strategy that involves a cyclical process of refining or tweaking the latest version of a product, process, or idea to make a subsequent version: Our startup is relying on rapid iteration in the next software development cycle.

Origin of iteration

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English from Latin iterātiōn-, stem of iterātiō; see iterate, -ion Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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