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1350–1400; Middle English jurdan urinal, perhaps after Jordan, the river, by coarse jesting


[jawr-dn; for 4 also French zhawr-dahn]


Barbara Charline,1936–96, U.S. politician.
David Starr [stahr] /stɑr/, 1851–1931, U.S. biologist and educator.
June,1936–2002, U.S. poet, novelist, and essayist.
Ma·rie En·ne·mond Ca·mille [ma-ree enuh-mawn ka-mee-yuh] /maˈri ɛnəˈmɔ̃ kaˈmi yə/, 1838–1922, French mathematician.
Michael JeffreyAir JordanHis Airness, born 1963, U.S. basketball player.
Official name Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. a kingdom in SW Asia, consisting of the former Transjordan and a part of Palestine that, since 1967, has been occupied by Israel. 37,264 sq. mi. (96,514 sq. km). Capital: Amman.
a river in SW Asia, flowing from S Lebanon through the Sea of Galilee, then S between Israel and Jordan through W Jordan into the Dead Sea. 200 miles (320 km) long.
a male given name.
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a kingdom in SW Asia: coextensive with the biblical Moab, Gilead, and Edom; made a League of Nations mandate and emirate under British control in 1922 and became an independent kingdom in 1946; territories west of the River Jordan and the Jordanian part of Jerusalem (intended to be part of an autonomous Palestine) were occupied by Israel after the war of 1967. It contains part of the Great Rift Valley and consists mostly of desert. Official language: Arabic. Official religion: (Sunni) Muslim. Currency: dinar. Capital: Amman. Pop: 6 482 081 (2013 est). Area: 89 185 sq km (34 434 sq miles)Official name: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Former name (1922–49): Trans-Jordan
the chief and only perennial river of Israel and Jordan, rising in several headstreams in Syria and Lebanon, and flowing south through the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea: occupies the N end of the Great Rift Valley system and lies mostly below sea level. Length: over 320 km (200 miles)




Michael (Jeffrey). born 1963, US basketball player
Neil. born 1950, Irish film director and writer; his films include The Company of Wolves (1984), Mona Lisa (1986), The Crying Game (1992), Michael Collins (1996), The End of the Affair (2000), and The Brave One (2007)
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river in ancient Palestine; the crossing of it is symbolic of death in high-flown language as a reference to Num. xxxiii:51. The modern nation-state dates to 1921.

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Monarchy in the Middle East, bordered by Syria to the north, Iraq to the northeast, Saudi Arabia to the east and south, and Israel to the west. Amman is its capital and largest city.


Jordan is an Arab nation.


King Hussein, a controversial figure in Middle Eastern affairs, ruled from 1953 until his death in 2000. Although he tried to maintain cordial relations with the West, he opposed the Egypt (see also Egypt)-Israel peace agreement of 1979, endorsed the Palestine Liberation Organization, and refused to join the alliance against Iraq during the Persian Gulf War.
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