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verb (used without object),jut·ted, jut·ting.
  1. to extend beyond the main body or line; project; protrude (often followed by out): The narrow strip of land juts out into the bay.

  1. something that juts out; a projecting or protruding point.

Origin of jut

First recorded in 1555–65; variant of jet1

Other words from jut

  • jut·ting·ly, adverb
  • outjut, verb (used with object), out·jut·ted, out·jut·ting.

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How to use jut in a sentence

  • There is a certain kind of bird that makes its nest high up on the sides of steep cliffs jutting out over the waters of the ocean.

  • Overhanging the pass was a huge boulder, balanced precariously on the edge of the jutting cliff.

  • They were now in view of a bare spur or ridge jutting out along the lake from the lofty mountains behind.

  • Over the cell were jutting rocks, which threw down as the sun was over them, strange shadows, making the most mysterious letters.

  • Below them, jutting out from the precipitous northern bank, was a low bar of rock over which the river did not sweep.

    Overland | John William De Forest

British Dictionary definitions for jut


/ (dʒʌt) /

verbjuts, jutting or jutted
  1. (intr often foll by out) to stick out or overhang beyond the surface or main part; protrude or project

  1. something that juts out

Origin of jut

C16: variant of jet 1

Derived forms of jut

  • jutting, adjective

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