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  1. an arrangement or plan: We objected to the layout of the house.
  2. the act of laying or spreading out.
  3. a plan or sketch, as of an advertisement or a page of a newspaper or magazine, indicating the arrangement and relationship of the parts, as of type and artwork.
  4. (in advertising, publishing, etc.) the technique, process, or occupation of making layouts.
  5. Journalism. spread(def 33).
  6. Informal. a place, as of residence or business, and the features that go with it; a setup: a fancy layout with a swimming pool and a tennis court.
  7. Informal. a display or spread, as of dishes at a meal.
  8. a collection or set of tools, implements, or the like.
  9. Cards. an arrangement of cards dealt according to a given pattern, as in solitaire.
  10. Diving, Gymnastics. a body position in which one is fully extended and arched backward, with the legs together and straight, the head thrown back, and the arms extended sideways.Compare pike7, tuck1(def 13).

Origin of layout

1840–50, Americanism; noun use of verb phrase lay out Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  • This layout is not as convenient as that shown in Figure 43, but is less expensive.

  • He still had only the haziest idea of the layout of the ship.

  • That was my dope on the subject too, after I'd seen the layout of her first skirmish.

  • The idea was to get inside and see the layout—spot the office, the file cabinets.

    Ten From Infinity

    Paul W. Fairman

  • I cast around the thicket with my sense of perception and caught the layout.

    Highways in Hiding

    George Oliver Smith

Word Origin and History for layout

also lay-out, "configuration, arrangement," 1852, from lay (v.) + out. Meaning "rough design of a printing job" is from 1910.

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