[ left-oh-ver ]
/ ˈlɛftˌoʊ vər /


Usually leftovers. food remaining uneaten at the end of a meal, especially when saved for later use.
anything left or remaining from a larger amount; remainder.


being left or remaining, as an unused portion or amount: leftover meatloaf.

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Origin of leftover

1890–95; noun use of verb phrase left over; see left2

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/ (ˈlɛftˌəʊvə) /


(often plural) an unused portion or remnant, as of material or of cooked food


left as an unused portion or remnant
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Word Origin and History for leftover



also left-over, "remaining, not used up," 1890, from left + over. The noun meaning "something left over" is from 1891; leftovers "excess food after a meal" (especially if re-served later) is from 1878; in this sense Old English had metelaf.

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