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or like·li·ness

[ lahyk-lee-hood ]


  1. the state of being likely or probable; probability.
  2. a probability or chance of something:

    There is a strong likelihood of his being elected.

  3. Archaic. indication of a favorable end; promise.


/ ˈlaɪklɪˌnɪs; ˈlaɪklɪˌhʊd /


  1. the condition of being likely or probable; probability
  2. something that is probable
  3. statistics the probability of a given sample being randomly drawn regarded as a function of the parameters of the population. The likelihood ratio is the ratio of this to the maximized likelihood See also maximum likelihood

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Other Words From

  • super·likeli·hood noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of likelihood1

First recorded in 1350–1400, likelihood is from the Middle English word liklihood. See likely, -hood

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Example Sentences

We typically focus on the most trafficked pages to increase the likelihood of big, impactful wins.

That will also up the likelihood of uncovering material suitable for radiocarbon dating and revealing the age of the earthworks.

He says in all likelihood research will confirm the link to climate change in the future, even though there’s not enough evidence right now.

Not to mention, the likelihood that people can comfortably wear a mask while exercising heavily is pretty slim.

There is a high likelihood the adverse event will turn out not to be related to the vaccine, he said in an email.

From Fortune

Having a criminal record can reduce the likelihood of getting a callback or job offer by 50 percent.

In all likelihood this last option is what we will get for the foreseeable future.

The grand jury will in all likelihood side with Wilson here.

In all likelihood, the pronouncement of death will likely include even more gray area in the future.

For the overwhelming majority of people in this country, the likelihood of contracting it is fleetingly small.

Eve, too, lovely as she is, seems to bear no likelihood of resemblance to Milton's superb mother of mankind.

Complaint against Mr. Cosson would in all likelihood prove futile.

The main chance with her seemed to lie in the likelihood that she would find a mother (or a father) in Aunt Maria.

There was some likelihood in this tale; for another of that fleet lay sunk on the north side, twenty miles from Grisapol.

After breakfast I would have a swim when the tide was low and there was no likelihood of sharks being about.


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