noun British Dialect.

an arm or leg; limb.
a joint, as of the finger.
a segment, as of an orange.

Origin of lith

before 900; Middle English, Old English; cognate with Dutch, Old High German lid, Old Norse lithr, Gothic lithus limb, member; akin to German Glied



variant of litho- before a vowel: lithic.


a combining form meaning “stone” (acrolith; megalith; paleolith); sometimes occurring in words as a variant form of -lite (batholith; laccolith).
Compare -lite.

Origin of -lith

see origin at litho-

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abbreviation for



n combining form

indicating stone or rockmegalith Compare -lite

Word Origin for -lith

from Greek lithos stone
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Word Origin and History for lith

"joint, limb," Old English liþ "limb, member, joint," cognate with Old Frisian lith, Dutch lid, Old High German lid, Old Norse liðr, Gothic liþus, German glied "limb, member."


word-forming element meaning "stone, rock," from Modern Latin -lithus or French -lithe (see -lith).

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Mineral concretion; calculus:cystolith.
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