[ loh-goh ]
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noun,plural lo·gos.
  1. Also called logotype. a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition.

  2. Printing. logotype (def. 1).

Origin of logo

By shortening of logotype or logogram

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[ loh-goh ]

  1. a high-level programming language widely used to teach children how to use computers.

Origin of LOGO

<Greek lógos word (see logos), spelled as if an acronym

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  1. a combining form appearing in loanwords from Greek, where it meant “word,” “speech” (logography); on this model, used in the formation of new compound words (logotype).

Origin of logo-

<Greek logo-, combining form of lógoslogos
  • Also especially before a vowel, log-.

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How to use logo in a sentence

  • Besides, she generally called him 'logo,' as all his friends did.

    The Diva's Ruby | F. Marion Crawford
  • I told him that I would not do anything to make trouble between you and logo.

    The Diva's Ruby | F. Marion Crawford
  • So's logo, for that matter, but she doesn't think a great deal of Greeks.

    The Diva's Ruby | F. Marion Crawford
  • If the girl's the party, logo beats the band for brass, that's all I can say!'

    The Diva's Ruby | F. Marion Crawford
  • Uncaptioned illustrations are decorative Headpieces or the publisher's logo on the Title page.

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/ (ˈləʊɡəʊ, ˈlɒɡ-) /

nounplural -os

British Dictionary definitions for logo- (2 of 2)


combining form
  1. indicating word or speech: logogram

Origin of logo-

from Greek; see logos

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