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What does Ltd. mean?

Ltd. is an abbreviation for limited. It is primarily used to indicate a limited company in the UK, Canada, and a few other countries.

Ltd. is used at the end of a company’s name to designate it as a limited company, such as Huawei Technologies Group Ltd. A limited company, also known as a limited liability company (LLC) in the US, is a business structure that separates the company from the individuals who own the company.

Ltd. can also sometimes be used as an abbreviation of limited in its other senses, such as a ltd. time offer. This is usually done in spaces where there isn’t a lot of room for text.

Example: In 2005 Sasha and her wife formed Sora Ltd. and have been growing their company ever since.

Where does Ltd. come from?

The first records of the abbreviation Ltd. come from around 1900. The first records of the term Limited to mean “a limited company” come from around the 1850s.

The limited business structure limits the owners’ responsibility, or liability, to the company’s debts. Each owner owns a percentage of the company, measured in units called shares, and is only responsible for that percentage of the company. To give a simplified example, if you own 25% of the shares of a company, you would only be responsible for 25% of the company’s debts. You might also receive 25% of the company’s profits. The exact terms of an Ltd. can vary by country, state, or province.

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  • ltd. (alternative spelling)
  • Ltd (alternative spelling)
  • ltd (alternative spelling)

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How is Ltd. used in real life?

Ltd. is most often used at the end of a limited liability company’s name. It also sometimes used to mean “limited” in a more general way in writing that has ltd. space (swwdt?).

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A company name with Ltd. at the end of it is a sole proprietorship.

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abbreviation for (esp after the names of British business organizations)
limited (liability)US equivalent: Inc
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