[ mey-triks, ma- ]
/ ˈmeɪ trɪks, ˈmæ- /
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noun, plural ma·tri·ces [mey-tri-seez, ma-], /ˈmeɪ trɪˌsiz, ˈmæ-/, ma·trix·es.



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Origin of matrix

1325–75; Middle English matris, matrix<Latin mātrix female animal kept for breeding (Late Latin: register, originally of such beasts), parent stem (of plants), derivative of māter mother
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British Dictionary definitions for matrix

/ (ˈmeɪtrɪks, ˈmæ-) /

noun plural matrices (ˈmeɪtrɪˌsiːz, ˈmæ-) or matrixes

Word Origin for matrix

C16: from Latin: womb, female animal used for breeding, from māter mother
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Medical definitions for matrix

[ mātrĭks ]

n. pl. ma•trix•es

A surrounding substance within which something else originates, develops, or is contained.
The womb.
The formative cells or tissue of a fingernail, toenail, or tooth.
ground substance
A specially shaped instrument, plastic material, or metal strip for holding and shaping the material used in filling a tooth cavity.
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Scientific definitions for matrix

[ mātrĭks ]

Plural matrices (trĭ-sēz′, mătrĭ-) matrixes

Geology The mineral grains of a rock in which fossils are embedded.
Biology The component of an animal or plant tissue that is outside the cells. Bone cells are embedded in a matrix of collagen fibers and mineral salts. Connective tissue consists of cells and extracellular fibers in a liquid called ground substance. Also called extracellular matrix
Mathematics A rectangular array of numeric or algebraic quantities subject to mathematical operations.
Anatomy The formative cells or tissue of a fingernail, toenail, or tooth.
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