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[ mek-uh-nahy-zey-shuhn ]


  1. the act or process of causing a task to be performed or operated by machinery:

    The mechanization of cinnamon processing has also solved health and sanitation issues plaguing the industry.

  2. the act or process of introducing machines into an industry or other area of activity in order to replace human labor:

    Hay loaders are another example of the increasing mechanization of agriculture.

  3. the act or process of subordinating the spiritual to the material, or of explaining something totally in terms of material forces:

    There is a vague unease with the artificiality of technology, with its imperialistic mechanization of a world from which we ourselves feel strangely alien.

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  • an·ti·mech·a·ni·za·tion noun

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Example Sentences

This happened in part because of improvements in mechanization, including the gas tractor.

When mechanization overtakes basic human traits, people lose the ability to reproduce.

In terms of how much mechanization has changed our work, it’s been like going from the Model T to the Tesla, but in a much shorter time.

The workers got a wage increase after the strike, but mechanization of the process ended up eliminating many laborers’ jobs.

From Time

I think the century of the self has provided us with this: the mechanization of celebrity, the artist as a public collage.

The mechanization of society leads, inevitably, to a militant society.

The mechanization of economics had become a common possession for everybody.

I have so greatly ventured because I have at length solved the final step in the mechanization of the world.

Work was being done by a puzzling combination of mechanization and musclepower.

But mechanization is not of necessity all there is to habit.

The mechanization of nature is the condition of a practical and progressive idealism in action.


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