[ mid-rif ]
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  1. the middle part of the body, between the chest and the waist.

  1. the part of a dress or bodice, usually close-fitting, that covers this part of the body.

  2. a garment that exposes this part of the body.

  1. noting or pertaining to the middle part of the human body, the part of a garment that covers it, or a garment that exposes it.

Origin of midriff

before 1000; Middle English mydryf,Old English midhrif, equivalent to mid(d) mid1 + hrif belly

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British Dictionary definitions for midriff


/ (ˈmɪdrɪf) /

    • the middle part of the human body, esp between waist and bust

    • (as modifier): midriff bulge

  1. anatomy another name for the diaphragm (def. 1)

  1. the part of a woman's garment covering the midriff

  2. US a woman's garment which exposes the midriff

Origin of midriff

Old English midhrif, from mid 1 + hrif belly

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