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[ mid-sek-shuhn ]


  1. the middle section or part of anything.
  2. the solar plexus; midriff:

    a hard right to the midsection.


/ ˈmɪdˌsɛkʃən /


  1. the middle of something
  2. the middle region of the human body; midriff

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Word History and Origins

Origin of midsection1

First recorded in 1935–40; mid- + section

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Example Sentences

This is one of those times I’d recommend ignoring Robert Frost, at least for driving advice, and follow the main roads through the island’s skinny midsection.

Fields was initially hurt on the previous drive when linebacker James Skalski unloaded on the quarterback at the end of an 11-yard run by lowering his helmet into the midsection.

After all, part of his iconic look is his plentiful midsection.

Illinois reported 9,935 new cases, Iowa registered 4,562 and Oklahoma recorded 2,094 — all single-day highs — as the virus continued to spread across the nation’s midsection and the Plains states.

Lab exams detected no cuts to llamas’ throats or midsections.

Or she may be the girl in the tight blue leather with the words “POLICE BOX” on her midsection.

It wasn't really meant for me, considering the contours of my own midsection.

And everybody knows that the midsection of the U.S. is a food desert.

“A source says Brad has been sporting a girdle to control his pudgy midsection recently,” the magazine wrote.

Christie has a bit of luck reposing in the fact that that his face doesn't look quite as bloated as his midsection does.

He immediately clamored for the wherewithal to fill an aching void that was making itself painfully felt in his midsection.

The widest point may be either at the base or somewhat below the midsection, making the hafting area difficult to define.

He twisted rapidly as an arm encircled his neck, and rammed an elbow into the newcomer's midsection.

The man stepped around the side of the boulder—just in time to have a hard-pitched rock come thunking into his midsection.

It was clipped to the sacklike garment he wore, dangling from his midsection, which, for him was just below his shoulders.


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