[ mahy-ner ]
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  1. Also called mineworker. a person who works in a mine, especially a commercial mine producing coal or metallic ores: His ancestors were slate miners in Wales who emigrated to the United States.

  2. a mechanical device used in mining: She made her money by developing a miner for extracting ores from the ocean floor.

  1. any of several Australian birds of the genus Manorina, feeding on honey and typically having a loud call.

  2. Entomology. any of various insect larvae that create tunnels in the parenchyma of leaves.

  3. Digital Technology.

    • a computer or network of computers engaged in solving sets of mathematical problems that are used to verify cryptocurrency transactions and that, when solved, yield a unit of the currency.

    • a software application that is designed to run this process.

    • a person or company that engages in this process.

  4. (formerly) a person who places or lays explosive mines.

Origin of miner

First recorded in 1225–75; mine2 + -er1; replacing Middle English minour, from Anglo-French (see -or2)

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/ (ˈmaɪnə) /

  1. a person who works in a mine

  2. Also called: continuous miner a large machine for the automatic extraction of minerals, esp coal, from a mine

  1. any of various insects or insect larvae that bore into and feed on plant tissues: See also leaf miner

  2. Australian any of several honey-eaters of the genus Manorina, esp M. melanocephala (noisy miner), of scrub regions: See noisy miner

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