[ mi-rak-yuh-luhs ]
/ mɪˈræk yə ləs /
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performed by or involving a supernatural power or agency: a miraculous cure.
of the nature of a miracle; marvelous.
having or seeming to have the power to work miracles: miraculous drugs.



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Origin of miraculous

1400–50; late Middle English, from Medieval Latin mīrāculōsus, equivalent to Latin mīrācul(um)miracle + -ōsus-ous
2. Miraculous, preternatural, supernatural refer to that which seems to transcend the laws of nature. Miraculous refers to something that apparently contravenes known laws governing the universe: a miraculous success. Preternatural suggests the possession of supernormal qualities: Dogs have a preternatural sense of smell. It may also mean supernatural: Elves are preternatural beings. Supernatural suggests divine or superhuman properties: supernatural aid in battle.
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British Dictionary definitions for miraculous

/ (mɪˈrækjʊləs) /


of, like, or caused by a miracle; marvellous
having the power to work miracles
miraculously, adverbmiraculousness, noun
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