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[ moh-muhn-ter-ee ]


  1. lasting but a moment; very brief; fleeting:

    a momentary glimpse.

  2. that might occur at any moment; ever impending:

    to live in fear of momentary annihilation.

  3. effective or recurring at every moment; constant.


/ ˈməʊməntərɪ; -trɪ /


  1. lasting for only a moment; temporary

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Derived Forms

  • ˈmomentariness, noun

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Other Words From

  • momen·tari·ness noun
  • inter·momen·tary adjective
  • non·momen·tari·ness noun
  • non·momen·tary adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of momentary1

1425–75; late Middle English momentare < Latin mōmentārius. See moment, -ary

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Example Sentences

Designed specifically for ease of use and esthetic pleasure, the Tasty cooktop grants users full control over momentary temperature of pots and pans as well as remote connectivity via phone.

Other than a couple momentary “gusts” near 10 mph, south-southwesterly breezes are very light.

The rogue fan may also have triggered his momentary panic, as studies suggest that certain noises can cause a person’s organs to shake, which makes them hyperventilate.

It’s defined as an intense momentary experience of positive emotion.

From Quartz

There’s no single standard for that rating, which means companies can list almost any figure they want, be it momentary peak power or a more sustainable figure called nominal power.

It is hardly a rejection of adulthood, rather a momentary escape from routine.

They are not the result of momentary negligence or incompetence.

Does this really sound like an event at the beginning of time when the universe experienced a momentary burst of expansion?

His momentary intention to resist this silent request—a “like, seriously?”

Tweeting about it provides momentary relief, followed by the brief validation of the retweet.

There fell upon the momentary silence the sound of an opening door, and both men rose simultaneously to their feet.

The barrier between them lowered perceptibly again, and Tom felt a momentary return of the confidence he had lost.

The smoke is inhaled into the lungs, producing a momentary stupor and the operation is over.

As Alice stares around her, when they stop in such momentary alarm, how strange the scene looks!

The outcome of the wrangle was a purely personal accommodation of an essentially momentary character.


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