[ moon-stohn ]
/ ˈmunˌstoʊn /
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Also called precious moonstone. a semitransparent or translucent, opalescent, pearly-blue variety of adularia, used as a gem.
any of several adularescent feldspars, as certain varieties of albite, labradorite, or oligoclase, used as gems.
(not used technically) any milky or girasol stone used as a gem.
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Origin of moonstone

First recorded in 1625–35; moon + stone
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What is moonstone?

Moonstone is a variety of gemstone that’s commonly milky white with a blue, silver, or multicolored iridescent tint.

It is a variety of the mineral feldspar (more specifically, adularia or orthoclase).

Moonstones can be transparent or semitransparent. More transparent moonstones are typically more valuable and higher in price.

The moonstone is one of the birthstones for the month of June, along with pearl and alexandrite. It’s associated with the zodiac signs Gemini and Cancer.

The word moonstone is also sometimes used to refer to other varieties of feldspar, or, less technically, to any milky-colored gemstone.

Example: I have a moonstone ring that gives off a blue shine when it catches the light.

Where does moonstone come from?

The first records of the word moonstone come from around 1630. The word moon is used in the name of the stone due to its white color.

The iridescent tint of moonstone comes from its chemical makeup, a sodium and potassium aluminosilicate mixture. Moonstones are found in Sri Lanka, India, Australia, parts of North America, and other locations around the world.

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How is moonstone used in real life?

Moonstone is prized for its iridescent tint. It is one of the more modern birthstones for the month of June.

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Moonstone is moonrock from the moon.

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British Dictionary definitions for moonstone

/ (ˈmuːnˌstəʊn) /

a gem variety of orthoclase or albite that is white and translucent with bluish reflections
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