[ mawr-tuh-fahyd ]
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  1. humiliated, ashamed, or deeply embarrassed: Sternly lectured by the principal in front of her friends, my daughter felt suitably mortified and hopefully will never do such a thing again.

  2. Pathology. affected with gangrene or necrosis: The removal of mortified tissue from wounds enables faster healing.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of mortify.

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  • mor·ti·fied·ly [mawr-tuh-fahyd-lee, mawr-tuh-fahy-id-lee], /ˈmɔr təˌfaɪd li, ˌmɔr təˈfaɪ ɪd li/, adverb
  • un·mor·ti·fied, adjective

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