[ mos-koh or, for 1, 2, -kou ]
/ ˈmɒs koʊ or, for 1, 2, -kaʊ /
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Russian Moskva. a city in and the capital of the Russian Federation, in the W part: capital of the former Soviet Union.
Also called Grand Duchy of Moscow. Muscovy (def. 1).
a city in W Idaho.
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British Dictionary definitions for Moscow

/ (ˈmɒskəʊ) /

the capital of Russia and of the Moscow Autonomous Region, on the Moskva River: dates from the 11th century; capital of the grand duchy of Russia from 1547 to 1712; capital of the Soviet Union 1918–91; centres on the medieval Kremlin; chief political, cultural, and industrial centre of Russia, with two universities. Pop: 10 672 000 (2005 est)Russian name: Moskva Related noun: Muscovite
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Cultural definitions for Moscow


Capital and largest city of Russia, located in the west-central region on the Moscow River; Russia's economic and cultural center.

notes for Moscow

The Kremlin, Russia's political and administrative headquarters, is at the center of the city. Adjoining the Kremlin is Red Square.

notes for Moscow

Its landmarks and institutions include the tomb of Lenin, the University of Moscow, Gorki Central Park, and the Bolshoi Ballet Theater.

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In 1991, hundreds of thousands of Muscovites, led by Boris Yeltsin, rallied against a coup that had overthrown reformist president Mikhail Gorbachev, resulting in the defeat of the coup plotters, the end of the communist system, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
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