[ nahr-sis-uhs ]

noun,plural nar·cis·sus, nar·cis·sus·es, nar·cis·si [nahr-sis-ee, -sis-ahy] /nɑrˈsɪs i, -ˈsɪs aɪ/ for 1, 2.
  1. any bulbous plant belonging to the genus Narcissus, of the amaryllis family, having showy yellow or white flowers with a cup-shaped corona.

  2. the flower of any of these plants.

  1. (initial capital letter)Classical Mythology. a youth who fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool and wasted away from unsatisfied desire, whereupon he was transformed into the flower.

Origin of narcissus

1540–50; <Latin <Greek nárkissos plant name, traditionally connected, by virtue of plant's narcotic effects, with nárkē numbness, torpor. See narcotic

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How to use narcissus in a sentence

  • Not so, sire; I place narcissus far above you, for he knows how to defend himself, and you do not.

    Chicot the Jester | Alexandre Dumas, Pere
  • Zelphine and I have decided that we will never acknowledge this to be a Dionysus or anything less poetic than the narcissus.

    Italian Days and Ways | Anne Hollingsworth Wharton
  • The “Times” is the secluded pool into which England loves to gaze when it plays the rle of narcissus.

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/ (nɑːˈsɪsəs) /

nounplural -cissuses or -cissi (-ˈsɪsaɪ, -ˈsɪsiː)
  1. any amaryllidaceous plant of the Eurasian genus Narcissus, esp N. poeticus, whose yellow, orange, or white flowers have a crown surrounded by spreading segments

Origin of narcissus

C16: via Latin from Greek nárkissos, perhaps from narkē numbness, because of narcotic properties attributed to species of the plant

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/ (nɑːˈsɪsəs) /

  1. Greek myth a beautiful youth who fell in love with his reflection in a pool and pined away, becoming the flower that bears his name

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Cultural definitions for Narcissus


A beautiful youth in classical mythology who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. Because he was unable to tear himself away from the image, he wasted away and died.

Notes for Narcissus

“Narcissists” are people completely absorbed in themselves. (See narcissism.)

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