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affected with nausea; nauseous: The bumpy plane ride made me very nauseated.
filled with disgust: I feel nauseated when I read about corruption in city government.


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See nauseous.
un·nau·se·at·ed, adjective
nauseated , nauseous (see confusables note at nauseous)
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What does nauseated mean?

To be nauseated is to have nausea—to feel sick in your stomach, as if you might vomit. The word nauseous is more commonly used to mean the same thing.

Nauseated is commonly used as an adjective, but it can also be the past tense of the verb nauseate, meaning to cause to feel nausea.

The adjective nauseating means causing nausea (nauseous can also be used to mean this, but that’s much less common).

The word nausea can also be used in a figurative way meaning a feeling of disgust, revulsion, or repulsion, and nauseated can be used to describe people who feel this way, meaning about the same thing as disgusted, as in I feel nauseated by their cruelty. 

Example: I’m not sure what has made me more nauseated—the disgusting food or the server’s disgusting comments.

Where does nauseated come from?

The first records of the adjective nauseated come from the 1600s. It is thought to ultimately derive from the Greek nausíā, meaning “seasickness,” from naûs, meaning “ship” (the same root is the basis of the word nautical).

People can become nauseated from seasickness and many other conditions that affect the stomach, such as motion sickness, morning sickness, carsickness, anxiety, or from the side effects of medications. People often feel nauseated due to something they ate. When you’re nauseated, the very thought of eating can make you even more nauseated. In all of these cases, the word nauseous is probably more commonly used, whereas nauseated is more commonly used to describe someone who feels disgust toward someone or something.

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How is nauseated used in real life?

Nauseated is commonly used to describe people feeling nausea and people feeling disgust.



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A. nauseous
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Medical definitions for nauseated

[ nôzē-ā′tĭd, -zhē-, -sē-, -shē- ]


Affected with nausea.
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