[ nip-uhl ]
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  1. a protuberance of the mamma or breast where, in the female, the milk ducts discharge; teat.

  2. something resembling it, as the mouthpiece of a nursing bottle or pacifier.

  1. a short piece of pipe with threads on each end, used for joining valves.

Origin of nipple

1520–30; earlier neble, nib(b)le, nepil; perhaps akin to nib; compare Danish nip point; see -le

Other words from nipple

  • nip·ple·less, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for nipple


/ (ˈnɪpəl) /

  1. Also called: mamilla, papilla, teat the small conical projection in the centre of the areola of each breast, which in women contains the outlet of the milk ducts: Related adjective: mamillary

  2. something resembling a nipple in shape or function

  1. Also called: grease nipple a small drilled bush, usually screwed into a bearing, through which grease is introduced

  2. US and Canadian an informal word for dummy (def. 11)

Origin of nipple

C16: from earlier neble, nible, perhaps from neb, nib

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Scientific definitions for nipple


[ nĭpəl ]

  1. A small projection near the center of the mammary gland. In females, the nipple contains the outlets of the milk ducts.

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