[ nosh ]
/ nɒʃ /
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verb (used without object)
to snack or eat between meals.
verb (used with object)
to snack on: They noshed peanuts and cookies while watching television.
a snack.
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Origin of nosh

1955–60; <Yiddish nashn;Middle High German naschen,Old High German nascōn to nibble, gnaw; cognate with Danish naske,Swedish snaska
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What does nosh mean?

Nosh means to eat, especially by snacking, as in When I work from home it’s hard not to nosh all day. 

It also means to munch on or snack on something, as in I’m getting a little hungry, so I’m just going to nosh on crackers to tide me over until dinner. 

It can also be a noun meaning a snack, as in Let’s have a little nosh before the movie.

Where does nosh come from?

The first records of nosh come from the 1950s. It comes from the Yiddish nashn, meaning “to nibble or gnaw,” and it was originally spelled nash, with records of that spelling dating back to the 1800s. Related terms include the Danish naske and the Swedish snaska (which sounds a lot like snack but is probably not related—snack comes from a word meaning “to snap” or “to bite”).

Nosh usually refers to eating between meals. It is very closely synonymous with the more common word snack in both its verb and noun senses. Noshing is usually snacking—eating small bites, or munching or nibbling on snack foods. But it can also refer to eating in general, as in I love when everyone gathers to nosh and talk around the table. The informal nature of the word often carries a sense that the eating being done is pleasurable in a simple way. Nosh can also be used as a noun to refer to a quick, small meal. Have a nosh means the same thing as grab a quick bite.

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What are some other forms related to nosh?

  • nosher (noun)
  • noshable (adjective)

What are some synonyms for nosh?

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How is nosh used in real life?

Nosh is informal and fun to say, so it’s most likely to be heard in informal or humorous contexts.



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Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of nosh?

A. snack
B. quick bite
C. graze
D. banquet

How to use nosh in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for nosh

/ (nɒʃ) slang /

food or a meal
to eat

Derived forms of nosh

nosher, noun

Word Origin for nosh

C20: from Yiddish; compare German naschen to nibble
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