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/ nɔt /
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noun, adjective, adverb



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Origin of nought

before 900; Middle English; Old English nōht, contraction of nōwiht, equivalent to ne not + ōwihtaught1
naught, nought
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What does nought mean?

Nought means nothing or none, as in All of my efforts at winning the game were for nought because I lost badly.

Nought also refers to zero. For example, if your math class is in Room One-Nought-Seven, it is in Room 107. The informal term noughties for the decade of 2000–2009 comes from this sense.

Nought is an alternate spelling of naught, which has the exact same meaning.

Example: I had nought to do with breaking the lamp, but my mother still thought I was involved. 

Where does nought come from?

The first records of nought come from before the 900s. It comes from the Old English nōht, a contraction of ne, meaning “not” or “no,” and ōwiht, meaning “anything.”

Both nought and naught are used interchangeably with the word nothing. They are also used in idioms that use nothing, as in “come to nought,” meaning “to come to nothing” or “to fail.”

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What are some other forms related to nought?

  • naught (alternative spelling)

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How is nought used in real life?

Nought is used as a synonym for nothing or zero.



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If a person has done nought but complain, then they have done absolutely nothing besides complaining.

British Dictionary definitions for nought

/ (nɔːt) /

noun Also: naught, ought, aught

the digit 0; zero: used esp in counting or numbering

noun, adjective, adverb

a variant spelling of naught
Old English nōwiht, from ne not, no + ōwiht something; see whit
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