[ nur-i-shing, nuhr- ]
/ ˈnɜr ɪ ʃɪŋ, ˈnʌr- /
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promoting or sustaining life, growth, or strength: a nourishing diet.
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Origin of nourishing

1350–1400; Middle English (gerund); see nourish, -ing2


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What does nourishing mean?

Nourishing is an adjective that describes things that nourish—do or provide what’s needed for someone or something to be healthy and to grow and develop.

The word is most commonly used in relation to food. Nourishing food is filled with nutrients that help us to grow and stay healthy. A more common word to describe such food is nutritious.

However, nourishing can be used in many other contexts, including those that don’t involve food, as in a nourishing atmosphere for students. 

Example: As a mother, it’s my job to provide my kids with things that are physically, mentally, and emotionally nourishing.

Where does nourishing come from?

The first records of the word nourishing as an adjective come from the 1300s. Its base word, nourish, comes from the Latin verb nūtrīre, meaning “to feed” or “to care for.” The words nurture, nutrition, nutritious, and nurse are based on the same root.

Nourishing is closely associated with food, and even when it’s used in ways that don’t literally involve food, it usually keeps this association. A nourishing relationship helps to nourish you emotionally in the way that food nourishes you physically.

People who don’t get enough nourishing food can become undernourished or malnourished.

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How is nourishing used in real life?

Nourishing and its related words are closely associated with food, but they can be used in a variety of contexts.



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Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of nourishing?

A. wholesome
B. nutritious
C. weakening
D. sustaining

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