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[ nur-ish-muhnt, nuhr- ]


  1. something that nourishes; food, nutriment, or sustenance.
  2. the act of nourishing. nourishing.
  3. the state of being nourished.
  4. a process, system, method, etc., of providing or administering nourishment:

    a treatise on the nourishment of international trade.


/ ˈnʌrɪʃmənt /


  1. the act or state of nourishing
  2. a substance that nourishes; food; nutriment

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Other Words From

  • non·nourish·ment noun
  • over·nourish·ment noun
  • re·nourish·ment noun
  • self-nourish·ment noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of nourishment1

1375–1425; late Middle English norysshement < Middle French norissement. See nourish, -ment

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Example Sentences

We want the words “We’re All Worthy” to be synonymous with plant-based nourishment and self-worth for all.

From Fortune

Food quickly becomes a source of stress and shame, rather than nourishment and pleasure.

Now, I find it helpful to view cooking more practically through a lens of sustenance and nourishment, a way to get my body through these extremely difficult, and hopefully final, months of the pandemic.

From Eater

The upheaval of our daily routines means each of us has had to redefine what joy and nourishment looks like in this moment.

From Eater

Many of your favorite name brand foods will fit the bill as shelf-stable nourishment.

Death by pills or lethal injection might be unnatural, but she believes that declining nourishment and medications is not.

Could this new beverage be the next phase in human nourishment?

The human soul is an ocean tossed by storms of passion, deep and bottomless in its need for succor and nourishment.

Even if they found shelter from the sun each morning, could the same be said for nourishment?

The novel is set at a time of scarcity, and all of the characters fret about nourishment.

The soil is sandy, and affords but little nourishment to the stunted trees with which it is furnished.

Half the army was in hospital from want of proper nourishment and commonsense sanitation.

For there is no intellectual power that is so directly quickened and strengthened by any nourishment as imagination is by wine.

Dont you know how soon roses fade after they are rudely torn from the protection and nourishment of the parent stem?

It was well that grannie should sleep, but in her utter weakness it was also necessary that she should have nourishment often.


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More About Nourishment

What does nourishment mean?

Nourishment is something that nourishes—does or provides what’s needed for someone or something to be healthy and to grow and develop.

It can also refer to the act of nourishing or the state of being nourished. Nourish and nourishment are most commonly used in relation to food. Healthy food provides nourishment. Parents try to provide nourishment for their children by feeding them healthy foods. Sometimes, food is said to nourish more than the body, as in A warm, home-cooked meal is nourishment for the body and the spirit. 

However, nourishment can be used in many other contexts, including those that don’t involve food, as in educational nourishment.

In all of these senses, nourishment is a somewhat formal and perhaps poetic word—it usually refers to something that serves to sustain rather than just feed.

Example: As a mother, it’s my job to provide physical, mental, and emotional nourishment for my kids.

Where does nourishment come from?

The first records of the word nourishment come from around 1400. The suffix -ment is used to make it a noun. Its base word, nourish, comes from the Latin verb nūtrīre, meaning “to feed” or “to care for.” The words nurture, nutrition, nutritious, and nurse are based on the same root.

Nourishment is closely associated with food, and even its senses that don’t literally involve food are usually likened to the kind of nourishment that food provides for the body. This is almost always positive: love and affection provide emotional nourishment; learning provides mental nourishment.

The word malnourishment means the same thing as malnutrition—poor nutrition caused by a lack of nourishing food.

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Nourishment and its related words are closely associated with food, but they can be used in a variety of contexts.


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Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of nourishment?

A. sustenance
B. nurture
C. weakness
D. nutrition