objet d'art

[ awb-zhe dar ]
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noun,plural ob·jets d'art [awb-zhe dar]. /ɔb ʒɛ ˈdar/. French.
  1. an object of artistic worth or curiosity, especially a small object.

  • Also called ob·jet.

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How to use objet d'art in a sentence

  • So maybe what I've really got here is an Old Master discard being used – by me, the museum visitor – as a modern objet trouvé.

    Old Master as Ax Murderer? | Blake Gopnik | December 13, 2013 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • "Strikes me that Paul is something of an objet de luxe," he reflected, as he turned off Albany Street.

    Happy House | Betsey Riddle, Freifrau von Hutten zum Stolzenberg
  • C'est cet avenir surtout qui a été le grand objet de Dieu dans la création, et c'est pour cet avenir seul que le présent existe.

  • How an Apollo of his excellence should have been unable to find a more handsome objet d'amour, I cannot imagine.

    The Pacific Triangle | Sydney Greenbie
  • He says, ‘depuis plus de vingt ans que je m'occupe de cet objet.’

  • It certainly isn't necessary to know what or molu is, nor to have any other objet de vertu but your wife.

    The Potiphar Papers | George William Curtis

British Dictionary definitions for objet d'art

objet d'art

/ French (ɔbʒɛ dar) /

nounplural objets d'art (ɔbʒɛ dar)
  1. a small object considered to be of artistic worth

Origin of objet d'art

literally: object of art

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