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[ uh-fen-did ]


  1. feeling or expressing hurt, indignation, or irritation because of a perceived wrong or insult:

    The man replied in an offended voice, "My niece would never do anything like that!"

  2. being the recipient or victim of criminal or morally repugnant behavior:

    After the referral agent and the offender speak, the offended individual is invited to speak about how the assault affected them.

  3. (of a sense, taste, etc.) affected disagreeably:

    With the bright neon blue and red, the dress looked like clown garb, so my offended aesthetic sense told me to take it off.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of offend ( def ).

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Other Words From

  • of·fend·ed·ly adverb
  • of·fend·ed·ness noun
  • half-of·fend·ed adjective
  • un·of·fend·ed adjective

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Example Sentences

The National Gallery of Art postponed the exhibition for fear that museumgoers might be offended, and then the pandemic forced the gallery to close anyway.

What offends me the most is that my fiancee has a tendency to negotiate after she apologizes.

To have accuracy calculated in the absence of my lived experience not only offends me, but also puts me in real danger.

However, OSC gives any offending agency — in this case, UASGM — 60 days to conduct its own probe and respond to the complaints.

From Vox

The politician sent the offending tweet featuring lyrics from the 2002 smash directly to Lil Jon.

“I think that all Slovaks should feel offended,” said MP Tomas Galbavy, who served on the parliamentary culture committee.

I did so, and he explained that he did not mean to be inappropriate and he was sorry if I was offended.

“It offended doctors and even some people in the government,” he says.

No doubt, the Italians would have been offended if he had chosen to marry anywhere else.

She was very offended that we hired him to do what she saw as her dream job.

“This is satisfactory,” said Wardle, hardly knowing whether to smile or be offended.

When in the car if you find the exertion of talking painful, say so frankly; your escort cannot be offended.

All these persons shall be sacri: they have offended against the gods and the gods will see to their punishment.

He has a right to be offended, if, after telling him what you wish for, he returns to find you already supplied.

"I thought perhaps you would have liked it named after your brother," she said, very much offended on the baby's account.


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