on the up-and-up

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Open and honest, as in Dad has always been on the up-and-up with them. The precise allusion in this term is unknown. [Colloquial; c. 1860]

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What does on the up-and-up mean?

On the up-and-up is a phrase that describes something as being open and honest, without any lying or cheating, as in Malik wondered whether the gamble house was on the up-and-up or if it was cheating its customers. 

A person who is described as on the up-and-up is being honest, as in The salesman was always on the up-and-up with potential clients. 

Example: The insurance company hires investigators to ensure claims are on the up-and-up and the insured isn’t trying to cheat the company.

Where does on the up-and-up come from?

The first records of on the up-and-up come from around 1860. It is a conversational expression, and it is unknown what the phrase is indirectly referring to.

You’re likely to use on the up-and-up when you are suspicious about someone or something or when you are reassuring someone else that you are being honest. For this reason, on the up-and-up is likely to be used in reference to things like gambling, business, or politics, which have greater potential for dishonesty and cheating.

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How is on the up-and-up used in real life?

People use on the up-and-up when they are suspicious of something or when an investigation has been performed.

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We were startled to learn that our favorite coffee shop hadn’t been on the up-and-up and had been swindling customers for years.

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