[ out-bawrd, -bohrd ]

  1. located on the exterior of a hull or aircraft.

  2. located farther from the center, as of an aircraft: the outboard end of a wing.

  1. (of a motorboat) having an outboard motor.

  1. outside or away from the center of a hull, aircraft, machine, etc.: The sail swung outboard.: Compare inboard.

  1. a boat equipped with an outboard motor.

Origin of outboard

First recorded in 1815–25; out- + board

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How to use outboard in a sentence

  • The unit also includes its own dedicated line returns for inline interfacing with outboard gear line compressors and equalizers.

  • So Isaac hunted up a belt made of pieces of cork and then was ordered to lash one of the sweeps so that it stuck well outboard.

    The Adventures of Harry Revel | Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch
  • A chicken coop wallowed by as the boy struggled with the knot of the painter which held the outboard.

    Ralestone Luck | Andre Norton
  • Once in the outboard, it retreated to the bow where it crouched beside the chest and kept a wary eye on Val's every movement.

    Ralestone Luck | Andre Norton
  • For dress, the untanned skins of the animals caught in the chase, with the hair outboard, answers all their requirements.

    In Eastern Seas | J. J. Smith
  • And she carried an ungodly bowsprit––thirty-seven feet outboard––easily the longest bowsprit out of Gloucester.

    The Seiners | James B. (James Brendan) Connolly

British Dictionary definitions for outboard


/ (ˈaʊtˌbɔːd) /

  1. (of a boat's engine) portable, with its own propeller, and designed to be attached externally to the stern: Compare inboard (def. 1)

  2. in a position away from, or further away from, the centre line of a vessel or aircraft, esp outside the hull or fuselage

  1. away from the centre line of a vessel or aircraft, esp outside the hull or fuselage

  1. an outboard motor

  2. a boat fitted with an outboard motor

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