[ out-feeld ]


  1. Baseball.
    1. the part of the field beyond the diamond.
    2. the positions played by the right, center, and left fielders.
    3. the outfielders considered as a group ( infield ).
  2. Cricket. the part of the field farthest from the batsman.
  3. Agriculture.
    1. the outlying land of a farm.
    2. land not regularly tilled but normally used for pasture. Compare infield ( def 3 ).
  4. an outlying region.


/ ˈaʊtˌfiːld /


  1. cricket the area of the field relatively far from the pitch; the deep Compare infield
  2. baseball
    1. the area of the playing field beyond the lines connecting first, second, and third bases
    2. the positions of the left fielder, centre fielder, and right fielder taken collectively Compare infield
  3. agriculture farmland most distant from the farmstead

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Derived Forms

  • ˈoutˌfielder, noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of outfield1

First recorded in 1630–40; out- + field

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Example Sentences

The Red Sox, in turn, tried him at first base and in the corner outfield spots.

The Nationals’ outfield, in turn, cratered to 29th out of 30 teams with minus-43 defensive runs saved.

Earlier in the month, he noted the best way to upgrade the offense was at first base or the corner outfield spots.

Corner outfield, on the other hand, shows much clearer paths for Rizzo to boost the offense.

If that’s the case, Schwarber would hurt any NL team in the outfield next season.

ESPN's SportsNation compiled a Derek Jeter dating diamond, and Mariah Carey and Jessica Alba were relegated to the outfield.

Does the number of stars that came out of Angels in the Outfield amaze you?

Back-to-back Derby winner Yoenis Céspedes will now suit up as an American League outfield reserve.

Just then a crack sound came from the TV and the ball rolled to the outfield wall.

Read Angell, and you can practically feel the summer breeze blowing through the outfield bleachers.

The trouble was in the outfield—where the trouble in such contests are sure to congregate.

In the first inning, Rodman played third until he had muffed two perfect throws, when Bunny shifted him to the outfield.

Both the shortstop and the second baseman were facing the outfield, watching the soaring ball.

That afternoon Ken had three well-meaning but old-fashioned ball-players coach him in the outfield.

He would talk to me between each ball he hit to the outfield.


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