[ verb oh-ver-bal-uhns; noun oh-ver-bal-uhns ]
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verb (used with object),o·ver·bal·anced, o·ver·bal·anc·ing.
  1. to outweigh: The opportunity overbalances the disadvantages of leaving town.

  2. to cause to lose balance or to fall or turn over: He accidentally overbalanced a vase.

  1. an excessive weight or amount.

  2. something that more than balances or more than equals: An overbalance of imports depleted the country's treasury.

Origin of overbalance

First recorded in 1600–10; over- + balance

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How to use overbalance in a sentence

  • The certainty that his whole life hereafter must be one long act of treachery to Greif must overbalance everything else.

    Greifenstein | F. Marion Crawford
  • But if the elder brother had in one instance the advantage, still Henry had a resource to overbalance this article.

    Nature and Art | Mrs. Inchbald
  • Three sessions with a good record might overbalance the loss in public confidence this would incur.

    A Mixture of Genius | Arnold Castle
  • A little more and it would overbalance and carry the horse head over heels!

    Hopes and Fears | Charlotte M. Yonge
  • But Madame de Grandmaison and her companion were too well exercised in the gymnastics of gossip to overbalance themselves.

    The Golden Dog | William Kirby

British Dictionary definitions for overbalance


  1. to lose or cause to lose balance

  2. (tr) another word for outweigh

  1. excess of weight, value, etc

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