[ pen ]
/ pɛn /


verb (used with object), penned, pen·ning.

to write with or as with a pen; put down in writing: to pen an essay.
to draw with or as with a pen: to pen a sketch.

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Origin of pen

1250–1300; Middle English penne < Old French penne pen, feather < Late Latin penna, Latin: feather

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/ (pɛn) /

n acronym for

International Association of Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, and Novelists


/ (pɛn) /


an implement for writing or drawing using ink, formerly consisting of a sharpened and split quill, and now of a metal nib attached to a holderSee also ballpoint, fountain pen
the writing end of such an implement; nib
style of writing
the pen
  1. writing as an occupation
  2. the written wordthe pen is mightier than the sword
the long horny internal shell of a squid

verb pens, penning or penned

(tr) to write or compose

Word Origin for pen

Old English pinne, from Late Latin penna (quill) pen, from Latin: feather


/ (pɛn) /


an enclosure in which domestic animals are keptsheep pen
any place of confinement
a dock for servicing submarines, esp one having a bombproof roof

verb pens, penning, penned or pent

(tr) to enclose or keep in a pen

Word Origin for pen

Old English penn, perhaps related to pin


/ (pɛn) /


US and Canadian informal short for penitentiary (def. 1)


/ (pɛn) /


a female swan

Word Origin for pen

C16: of unknown origin

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see slip of the lip (pen).

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