[ pur-mee-uhns ]


  1. the act of permeating.
  2. the conducting power of a magnetic circuit for magnetic flux; the reciprocal of magnetic reluctance.


/ ˈpɜːmɪəns /


  1. the act of permeating
  2. the reciprocal of the reluctance of a magnetic circuit Λ

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Derived Forms

  • ˈpermeant, adjectivenoun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of permeance1

First recorded in 1835–45; perme(ant) + -ance
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Example Sentences

Everything points to its universal permeance, if it exist at all.


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More About Permeance

What does permeance mean?

Permeance is the act or process of permeatingpenetrating, passing through, and often becoming widespread throughout something. Permeance can also refer to the result of this, or to the level of permeability.

Permeance is typically used to mean the same thing as permeation, which is much more commonly used. Because permeance is rarely used, autocorrect might think you mean permanence.

The word permeance can be used both in the context of the physical spread of something within a space and in more figurative ways, such as the permeance of water into the soil, the permeance of a smell throughout a room, or the permeance of an idea in someone’s mind.

The related adjective permeant describes something, such as a liquid or gas, that has penetrated or has the ability to penetrate something else.

Example: This material has a special coating that won’t allow any permeance of liquids into its surface.

Where does permeance come from?

The first records of the word permeance come from around the 1840s. It ultimately comes from the Latin verb permeāre, meaning “to pass through.”

Permeance typically occurs when things pass through some barrier or threshold—physical or otherwise—and then spread out. In physical contexts, this often involves liquids and gases passing through a permeable membrane or surface layer. Permeance can refer to the penetration and spread of intangible things, like flavors or smells, and abstract things, such as ideas, trends, and aspects of culture.

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How is permeance used in real life?

Permeance is not as commonly used as permeation. It’s mostly used in scientific contexts.



Try using permeance!

Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of permeance?

A. saturation
B. penetration
C. permeation
D. permanence