or pho·ney

[ foh-nee ]
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adjective,pho·ni·er, pho·ni·est.
  1. not real or genuine; fake; counterfeit: a phony diamond.

  2. false or deceiving; not truthful; concocted: a phony explanation.

  1. insincere or deceitful; affected or pretentious: a phony sales representative.

noun,plural pho·nies.
  1. something that is phony; a counterfeit or fake.

  2. an insincere, pretentious, or deceitful person: He thought my friends were a bunch of phonies.

verb (used with object),pho·nied, pho·ny·ing.
  1. to falsify; counterfeit; fabricate (often followed by up): to phony up a document.

Origin of phony

1895–1900; perhaps alteration and respelling of fawney (slang) finger ring (<Irish fsptáinne), if taken to mean “false” in the phrase fawney rig a confidence game in which a brass ring is sold as a gold one

Other words for phony

Other words from phony

  • pho·ni·ly, adverb
  • pho·ni·ness, noun

Other definitions for -phony (2 of 2)


  1. a combining form used in the formation of abstract nouns corresponding to nouns ending in -phone: telephony.

Origin of -phony

<Greek -phōnia;see -phone, -y3 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use phony in a sentence

  • If your idea pays off, Tom, we should be able to checkmate every move those phonies and their allies make!

  • Anyway, I wouldn't blame her, after the exhibition I made the other night, for classin' me with the phonies.

    Shorty McCabe | Sewell Ford

British Dictionary definitions for phony (1 of 2)


/ (ˈfəʊnɪ) /

adjective, noun-nier or -niest or plural -nies
  1. a variant spelling (esp US) of phoney

Derived forms of phony

  • phoniness, noun

British Dictionary definitions for -phony (2 of 2)


n combining form
  1. indicating a specified type of sound: cacophony; euphony

Origin of -phony

from Greek -phōnia, from phōnē sound

Derived forms of -phony

  • -phonic, adj combining form

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