[ fos-fuh-res-uhns ]
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  1. the property of being luminous at temperatures below incandescence, as from slow oxidation in the case of phosphorus or after exposure to light or other radiation.

  2. a luminous appearance resulting from this.

  1. any luminous radiation emitted from a substance after the removal of the exciting agent.

Origin of phosphorescence

First recorded in 1790–1800; phosphoresc(ent) + -ence

Other words from phosphorescence

  • sem·i·phos·pho·res·cence, noun

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How to use phosphorescence in a sentence

  • The color of the phosphorescence differs in the sexes, and its intensity varies with the age and temperament.

    Urania | Camille Flammarion
  • The water gleamed with phosphorescence, and the yacht Spray left a wake of gleaming silver and gold and flashing jewels.

    The Rival Campers | Ruel Perley Smith
  • Urgent as the situation was, he stood for a few moments meditative, contemplating the phosphorescence of the waves.

    Toilers of the Sea | Victor Hugo
  • That is phosphorescence, which is very common in tropical seas, sometimes the whole sea is alight with it.

  • There is no light in these depths: they make it with their own phosphorescence.

    Astronomy for Amateurs | Camille Flammarion

British Dictionary definitions for phosphorescence


/ (ˌfɒsfəˈrɛsəns) /

  1. physics

    • a fluorescence that persists after the bombarding radiation producing it has stopped

    • a fluorescence for which the average lifetime of the excited atoms is greater than 10 –8 seconds

  2. the light emitted in phosphorescence

  1. the emission of light during a chemical reaction, such as bioluminescence, in which insufficient heat is evolved to cause fluorescence: Compare fluorescence

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Scientific definitions for phosphorescence


[ fŏs′fə-rĕsəns ]

  1. The emission of light by a substance as a result of having absorbed energy from a form of electromagnetic radiation, such as visible light or x-rays. Unlike fluorescence, phosphorescence continues for a short while after the source of radiation is removed. Glow-in-the-dark products are phosphorescent. Compare fluorescence.

  2. The light produced in this way.

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