[ foh-toh-shop ]

  1. a brand name for computer software used to digitally alter digital photographs or other graphics.

verb (used with object),Pho·to·shopped, Pho·to·shop·ping.
  1. (often lowercase) to digitally alter (a photograph or other graphic) using image-editing software such as Photoshop:Her face is nicely Photoshopped in the ad.They’ve photoshopped the car onto an image of a beautiful beach.

Origin of Photoshop

First recorded in 1990–95

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How to use Photoshop in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Photoshop


/ (ˈfəʊtəʊˌʃɒp) /

verb-shops, -shopping or -shopped
  1. (tr) to alter (a digital photograph or other image), using an image editing application, especially Adobe Photoshop

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