[ pis-tl ]
/ ˈpɪs tl /

noun Botany.

the ovule-bearing or seed-bearing female organ of a flower, consisting when complete of ovary, style, and stigma.
such organs collectively, where there are more than one in a flower.
a gynoecium.

Origin of pistil

1570–80; earlier pistillum, special use of Latin pistillum pestle
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British Dictionary definitions for pistil


/ (ˈpɪstɪl) /


the female reproductive part of a flower, consisting of one or more separate or fused carpels; gynoecium

Word Origin for pistil

C18: from Latin pistillum pestle
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Word Origin and History for pistil



"female organ of a flower," 1718, from French pistil, from Modern Latin pistillum "a pistil," so called from resemblance to a pestle, from Latin pistillum "pestle" (see pestle). Related: Pistillary; pistillaceous; pistillate; pistilline.

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Science definitions for pistil


[ pĭstəl ]

One of the female reproductive organs of a flower, consisting of a single carpel or of several carpels fused together. A flower may have one pistil or more than one, though some flowers lack pistils and bear only the male reproductive organs known as stamens. See more at carpel flower.
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Culture definitions for pistil


[ (pis-tuhl) ]

The female part of a plant. In flowering plants, it is at the center of the flower. When fertilized with pollen, the pistil develops into fruit.

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