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[ plee-ding ]


  1. the act of a person who pleads.
  2. Law.
    1. the advocating of a cause in a court of law.
    2. the art or science of setting forth or drawing pleas in legal causes.
    3. a formal statement, usually written, setting forth the cause of action or defense of a case.
    4. pleadings, the successive statements delivered alternately by plaintiff and defendant until the issue is joined.


/ ˈpliːdɪŋ /


  1. the act of presenting a case in court, as by a lawyer on behalf of his client
  2. the art or science of preparing the formal written statements of the parties to a legal action See also pleadings
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Other Words From

  • pleading·ly adverb
  • pleading·ness noun
  • non·pleading adjective
  • non·pleading·ly adverb
  • un·pleading adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of pleading1

1250–1300; Middle English pledynge (gerund). See plead, -ing 1
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Example Sentences

Anthony said that as soon as he looked at the pleading girl’s face, he knew he was going to help that afternoon.

Finally, with continued pleading and cajoling, he got her to move, one step at a time, to the top of the pass, where they found the rest of the family and descended safely to the other side.

There is no requirement for a member of Congress to resign after pleading guilty to a felony.

Like the anti-Assad rebels and Kurdish fighters, they are pleading for more of America, not less.

Hizzoner asked in a pleading tone—an extremely rare posture for a man who in the past had swaggered with an air of invincibility.

His attorney says he will be pleading not guilty at his arraignment in December.

On Wednesday, he had posted an emotional video on YouTube pleading with authorities to save his dog, but it fell on deaf ears.

I am pleading for a clear white light of education that shall go like the sun round the whole world.

Gordon turned his pleading eyes on his old friend without a ray of concession; but for a moment he hesitated.

While a counsellor was pleading at the Irish bar, a louse unluckily peeped from under his wig.

The woman seemed very reluctant to accept the offer, pleading various excuses.

Ethel's mode of pleading was unfortunate; the "very foolish of Margaret" were the very words to displease.