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[ poin-ter ]


  1. a person or thing that points none.
  2. a long, tapering stick used by teachers, lecturers, etc., in pointing things out on a map, blackboard, or the like.
  3. the hand on a watch dial, clock face, scale, etc.
  4. Military. the member of an artillery crew who aims the weapon.
  5. one of a breed of short-haired hunting dogs trained to point game.
  6. a piece of advice, especially on how to succeed in a specific area:

    The food expert gave some good pointers on making better salads.

    Synonyms: caution, suggestion, hint, tip

  7. Computers.
    1. an identifier giving the location in storage of something of interest, as a data item, table, or subroutine.
    2. a moveable icon in a graphical user interface, as an arrow, that marks the user’s location in the interface relative to areas of the screen where user input is possible. cursor ( def 1 ).
  8. Pointers, Astronomy. the two outer stars of the Big Dipper that lie on a line that passes very near Polaris and are used for finding it.


/ ˈpɔɪntə /


  1. a person or thing that points
  2. an indicator on a measuring instrument
  3. a long rod or cane used by a lecturer to point to parts of a map, blackboard, etc
  4. one of a breed of large swift smooth-coated dogs, usually white with black, liver, or lemon markings: when on shooting expeditions it points to the bird with its nose, body, and tail in a straight line
  5. a helpful piece of information or advice

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Word History and Origins

Origin of pointer1

First recorded in 1490–1500; point none + -er 1none

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Example Sentences

As Samaira hovered her mouse pointer over the command, the button disappeared.

We’ve covered this in plenty of depth elsewhere, but it’s worth dropping some quick pointers here.

Take a look at the “comfort” section above for good pointers about exactly how your body should sit in relation to your office chair.

Over time, the communications have become more personal, ranging from her reflections on her summer vacation to pointers on well-being from SAP’s chief medical officer.

From Digiday

The National Audubon Society’s backyard birding guide has additional pointers.

Therefore, it is not possible for any F-35 schedule to include a video data link  or infrared pointer at this point.

Nor does the jet have the ability to capture high-definition video, utilize an infra-red pointer.

Turn him belly-up and stroke him to sleep with your pointer finger.

The Kentucky freshman sunk his third game-winning three-pointer in a row, launching fresh claims about his ‘clutch gene.’

The camera crew took advantage of this and used a green laser pointer to entice the cheerleaders to move around the stadium.

His long pointer was dancing a fanciful figure on the gigantic map of Russia.

He dropped a slender pointer upon the wire and engaged its grooved tip, and then the flying was out of his hands.

Roly had seen the pole and pointer used in New England, but the idea of sewing the hook inside of the bait-fish was a novel one.

The position of the contact B may be indicated on the scale by a slender pointer, attached to the handle controlling the arm L.

I had not learned to question any emotion, and introspection troubled me no more than it did my pointer dog.


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