[ poh-luh-rahy-zing ]
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  1. tending to divide people into sharply opposing factions: Here are some tips to keep polarizing political discourse from disrupting your workplace.

  2. causing polarization of light or similar radiation: If there is glare, you can use a polarizing filter on the camera to reduce or even remove it.

  1. causing magnetic or electric polarity in a body or system: The control system consists of a feedback loop that uses real-time polarizing electric fields as a controlling force.

  1. the act, fact, or practice of dividing people into sharply opposing factions: If rational argument fails, he can always fall back on the techniques of mockery and polarizing.

Origin of polarizing

First recorded in 1720–30; polariz(e) + -ing2 for the adjective senses; polariz(e) + -ing1 for the noun sense
  • Also especially British, po·lar·is·ing .

Other words from polarizing

  • non·po·lar·iz·ing, adjective

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