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noun, plural pol·i·ties.
  1. a particular form or system of government: civil polity; ecclesiastical polity.
  2. the condition of being constituted as a state or other organized community or body: The polity of ancient Athens became a standard for later governments.
  3. government or administrative regulation: The colonists demanded independence in matters of internal polity.
  4. a state or other organized community or body.

Origin of polity

1530–40; < Latin polītīa < Greek polīteía citizenship, government, form of government, commonwealth, equivalent to polī́te-, variant stem of polī́tēs citizen (see polis, -ite1) + -ia -ia
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noun plural -ties
  1. a form of government or organization of a state, church, society, etc; constitution
  2. a politically organized society, state, city, etc
  3. the management of public or civil affairs
  4. political organization

Word Origin for polity

C16: from Latin polītīa, from Greek politeia citizenship, civil administration, from politēs citizen, from polis city
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Word Origin and History for polity

1530s, from Middle French politie (early 15c.) or directly from Late Latin polita "organized government" (see policy (n.1)).

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