[ poor-bwar; English poor-bwahr ]
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noun,plural pour·boires [poor-bwar; English poor-bwahrz]. /purˈbwar; English pʊərˈbwɑrz/. French.
  1. a gratuity; tip.

Origin of pourboire

Literally, “for drinking”

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How to use pourboire in a sentence

  • And the porter spat and grinned, and said to Nancy: "Faut lui donner son pourboire."

    The Devourers | Annie Vivanti Chartres
  • He took his pourboire and left the rest, just as he treated monsieur.

    A Book of Ghosts | Sabine Baring-Gould
  • Only, if I keep you more than a week it will then be three and a half florins per day, and no pourboire.

    The Prussian Terror | Alexandre Dumas
  • Then turning to De Peyster and exhibiting his pourboire, he repeated, “Comprenez vous franais?”

    The Spell | William Dana Orcutt
  • Then to Jefferson she added: “Give him a franc for a pourboire—that makes five francs altogether.”

    The Lion and The Mouse | Charles Klein

British Dictionary definitions for pourboire


/ French (purbwar) /

  1. a tip; gratuity

Origin of pourboire

literally: for drinking

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