[ prak-tik-lee ]
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  1. in effect; virtually: It is practically useless to protest.

  2. in a practical manner: to think practically.

  1. from a practical point of view: Practically speaking, the plan is not very promising.

  2. almost; nearly: Their provisions were practically gone.

Origin of practically

First recorded in 1615–25; practical + -ly

usage note For practically

A few usage guides object to the use of practically in the senses “in effect, virtually” and “almost, nearly.” Both uses, however, are well established and standard in all varieties of speech and writing.

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How to use practically in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for practically


/ (ˈpræktɪkəlɪ, -klɪ) /

  1. virtually; almost: it has rained practically every day

  2. in actuality rather than in theory: what can we do practically to help?

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